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Samsung Corning Precision Glass Honors Adexa

Meritorious service award presented for returns on SC project

Los Angeles, CA. (Feb. 4, 2005) – Adexa, Inc., a leading provider of integrated supply chain and performance management solutions, today announced that Samsung Corning Precision Glass, a world leader in LCD display technology, has recognized Adexa with a meritorious service award.  The award was presented to Adexa Vice President and Korean Country Manager Jinik Lee by Samsung Corning Precision Glass CEO & President Suk-jai Lee at a ceremony in Cheonan, Chung Nam Province, Korea.  

 “Adexa has enabled us to increase our operational and financial performance by eliminating planning and operational inefficiencies,” said Suk-jai Lee.  “We have also increased customer service levels with the improved demand forecasting and shorter manufacturing cycle times delivered by Adexa.  Adexa is a partner in our success.”  

“I was surprised and delighted to receive this award from Samsung Corning Precision Glass,” said Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa’s president and CEO.   “I think it speaks of their core values for driving business results and customer value through innovation.  From my perspective, we simply did what we said we would do, which is a commitment Adexa makes to all customers.”  

Samsung Corning Precision Glass went live with Adexa planning and scheduling solutions in August 2004 at its facilities in Gumi and Cheonan, Korea.  The objectives were as follows:

• synchronize demand and supply requirements to optimize inventories
• increase the accuracy of demand forecasts
• consider material and capacity constraints in supply chain and factory planning
• shorten response times and decreases order cycle times

About Samsung Corning Precision Glass
Samsung Corning Precision Glass is opening the world of advanced digital technology in Korea by producing glass substrates that make up a critical part in TFT-LCDs. Glass substrates provided by Samsung Corning are used to make LCD displays for notebook computers, LCD monitors, LCD TVs and other handheld devices like digital cameras, PDAs and navigators.  In 1995, Samsung and Corning established a 50-50 joint venture by the name of Samsung Corning Precision Glass in Gumi, Kyung Buk Province. Then in 2002, a second plant was constructed in Cheonan, Chung Nam Province, positioning the company as Korea's largest TFT-LCD glass substrates provider.

About Adexa
Founded in 1994, Adexa delivers solutions that synchronize corporate planning with supply chain and operations planning and execution, to ensure enterprise assets are utilized to achieve financial objectives.  Adexa helps companies reduce the cost of goods sold, shorten lead-times for orders nd reduce inventory costs to increase earnings per share and customer service.   Adexa's global customer base includes AMD, Boeing, Firmenich, Fujitsu, General Motors, Mannington Mills, Maytag, NEC, Philips, Pulse, Samsung, Sharp Microelectronics, Siemens, TSMC, and Unilever.  For more information please visit

Contact Information:
Randy Burgess
Adexa, North America
Tel: 613.825.9944

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